Foxglove (Digitalis Purpurea):
translation: finger (digit) or thimble; purple.
synonyms: Witches' Gloves, Dead Men's Bells, Fairy's Glove, Gloves of Our Lady, Bloody Fingers, Virgin's Glove, Fairy Caps, Folk's Glove, Fairy Thimbles.
definition: I am ambitious only for you; insincerity, occupation; a wish; youth.
Originally named Folksglove, the glove of the “good folk,” or fairies. There is also a northern legend that bad fairies gave these blossoms to foxes so that they might tread silently when raiding the roosts. Digitalis is procured from the leaves of the Foxglove, it increases the activity of all forms of muscle tissue, especially that of the heart and arterioles. The first consequence of its absorption is a contraction of the heart and arteries, causing a very high rise in the blood pressure, which, upon taking a moderate dose, then slows. Digitalis also causes an irregular pulse to become regular. On a permanent basis is a contraction of the organ, which is beneficial in cases of cardiac dilation, and improves the health of the heart by increasing the amount of blood. It should be applied with caution, as toxic buildup can cause the pulse to become irregular, blood pressure to lower, and gastro-intestinal irritation. In large doses, Digitalis can cause various cerebral symptoms, including seeing all items as blue. Digitalis is an excellent antidote in Aconite poisoning, given as a hypodermic injection.

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